Power Foundation of India is a think–tank and a policy advocacy body in the Power Sector. It is a society under the aegis of Ministry of Power‚ Government of India. It is supported by twelve leading Power Sector organisations.

The Foundation undertakes independent‚ evidence–based research on issues and challenges pertaining to the Power Sector. The research studies encompass diverse aspects related to generation‚ transmission and distribution of power‚ electricity trading‚ energy transition‚ and environmental sustainability.

The Foundation designs and executes campaigns and outreach programs on themes relevant to the Power Sector. Through these engagements‚ the organisation enhances awareness about the Power Sector and motivates people towards environment–friendly behaviour.

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  • NHPC

  • NTPC

  • PFC


  • REC

  • SECI

  • SJVN

  • THDC